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We have weekly classes in two locations

Don Mills, and Guildwood/Scarborough

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Yoga Camp for the Big Kids :)

Our 4th Annual Yoga Camp :)

March 16-22nd 2015 $145.00 (includes hst)

Namaste Team Reach,

March Break Yoga Camp is back and registration is now open. (our camp is considered full with 20 campers)

For those new to the Reach Yoga Camp this is what we do:
1.5hr class each day for a week.
Monday-Friday 7:30-9:00pm (Don Mills Location)
Saturday 10:00-11:30am (Guildwood Location)
Sunday 11:00-12:30pm. (Don Mills)
Five evenings and two morning classes, for a total of 10.5 hours of yoga over the week.

This year our focus is on Yoga as your sacred support. Your life support system!
Looking deep into what the healing properties of yoga actually bring into our lives. When we look at truly living our yoga practice we take our self inquiry into many areas of our life. We take the self inquiry off our mats and into our day to day experience. We begin to feel better in our bodies, minds and spirits... MUCH better. Consider this Camp as your Quantum Leap forward in living to your full potential.

In our Camp we will cover:
Yoga for physical healthYoga for emotional ease
Yoga in decision making Yoga in your relationshipsYoga for peaceful action Yoga for deeper connection to natureYoga for heart health Yoga for living with vitalityYoga for stress reductionYoga for a clear mind Yoga as your expression of prayer Your Yoga mat as your alter. Yoga for self respectYoga for self esteemYoga in your workYoga in your home Yoga as your medicine.

Take this week to immerse yourselves into your practice with postures, breathing exercises, meditation, music, journaling, self study and even a headstand clinic!
Emerging stronger, more flexible, and with a deeper connection to the life you live.

This is a powerful week where we take our yoga practice to the next level of commitment. By doing this we take our commitment to ourselves to the next level. Our commitment to our happiness, our health and to the fire in our heart.
From this day forward we make a commitment to lift each other up in kindness and love and accept nothing but the same for ourselves. Now is the time to live our lives with vigor, gratitude and with respect for ourselves and all living beings.
So...Who's in?

Register Now!

10.5 Hours of classes together!

Challenge yourself!

Make a Healthy Choice!

Sleep Better!

Breathe Deeper!

Laugh Louder!

Love Larger!

and mostly...

be your fabulous self!

Looking forward to our time together!

© reach yoga 2014